Maths Mentality




‘The staff at Wundowie Primary School find the activities and explanations
so easy to use and find. As a Year 1,2,3 teacher I love the
ease of finding the activities to match the concept being taught, day by day.

The students are able to read the instructions as they are in simple language. All the activities stem from great discussion material and hands on activities.' 



The NAPLAN practice pages have been really useful in helping my children get used to the format of the assessment.  I've also picked up a few areas to revise too!

Joanne H      (Parramatta)


'I am so glad I found maths mentality. I love the clear explanations which I can display on my smartboard and the many interesting activities that I can have my class work on. These are a perfect addition to my maths program and save me a lot of preparation time. As a bonus, all lessons fit beautifully with the national curriculum as well as First Steps philosophy.'

Julie,    Melville P.S.


Love the way you email out the new additions to your site.  Thank you so much.



Maths Mentality has become an integral tool for teaching Mathematics in my classroom.  It is easy to access,  an invaluable resource that clearly explains key concepts and allows the teacher to specifically prepare and teach maths concepts with confidence.

Sue   (NSW Southern Highlands)


To be able to teach a mathematical concept well you need to be confident with it yourself. Maths Mentality provides teachers with a comprehensive resource for clear and in depth explanations of a wide variety of Mathematical concepts. Well structured printable worksheets are included, so that students are able to apply this knowledge and their progress can be easily monitored. With the use of Maths Mentality this progress can be quite astounding.

Mark P   ( Cronulla NSW )


Really like the weekly activities and I pass them onto the relevant staff.



Thanks!   It is a great resource.



Thank you for emailing the extra bits and pieces during the year. The teachers have told me how much they appreciate them.




Thank you for all of the support that Maths Mentality gives to my teaching. As a casual teacher I find your weekly updates, and particularly the games and problem solving activities, a fun way to teach maths.



Thanks.  The resources are great!

Aliyah C


The website and the info sent to me regularly is fantastic


 H P